Pocket Carry

Summer is here and now we all face the challenge of carrying a concealed handgun in the hot weather. As we wear shorts, skirts and lightweight capri pants, a holster may not work with some of our summer wardrobe. A belly band and fanny pack can get really hot around our waist. Who wants to carry a purse around all summer?
A solution is to carry in a pocket or pocket carry. When using a pocket to carry, the gun must be small enough to fit in the pocket and light weight so the pocket does not sag. There are many small handguns chambered in .380 caliber that are “pocket pistols”. The Ruger LCP, which stands for lightweight compact pistol, is a perfect pocket pistol weighing 9.4 ounces and the width is a just over ¾ “ so nice and slim.
The Beretta Nano is another popular micro-compact pistol with a little more power being chambered in a 9mm. It is less than 1” wide and just over 5” in overall length and has a thin snag-free profile. It also has an optional extended 8 +1 magazine. The Nano features adjustable sights with no gunsmithing required.
Our concealed carry shirts have two conceal carry pockets designed to carry small compact handguns like the Ruger LCP or the Nano. There is a pocket on each side of the shirt accommodating right and left handed shooters. The pockets are accessible from openings in the shirt front. The openings have a Velcro closure. The concealment pockets are double stitched for durability and have a piece of 3” elastic in the pockets to assist in securing the gun and prevent printing.

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