Safety Tips for Purse Carry

Keep Your Purse Close   

When you use a purse to carry a concealed weapon, keep your purse close to you within arm’s reach or on your body.  If you are separated from your purse, your gun won’t do you any good because it is not accessible. If your purse is not in your possession, someone may access your gun and pose a threat to you or someone else.

Buy a Smaller Lightweight Purse

The bigger the purse the more things it can contain and the tendency is to fill it up.   It can get heavy very quickly and it will become uncomfortable to carry on your body for any length of time. A smaller purse will limit the total weight of the purse and make it easier to carry.

Use Cross body carry

Buy a purse with a long strap so you can carry across your body.  Cross body carry keeps the purse from slipping off your shoulder and makes it impossible for someone to grab the purse away from you easily.  The weight of the purse is more evenly distributed to your body instead of bearing all the weight on one shoulder.

 Use the Locked Zipper Pocket

Use a purse that has a lock on the zippered concealment pocket.  If you decide to set your purse down no one can access the gun in the zippered pocket.  The disadvantage is that you cannot quickly draw your gun either.  Make sure you know at all times whether the pocket is locked or not.

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