What’s In Your Pocket?

Our shirts are designed for the concealment of a compact firearm, with a pocket on each side.  Once you conceal your firearm, what else can you put in the other pocket?  With two pockets you can leave your purse at home and carry a small wallet and your keys in the second pocket.  If you are in a gun free zone, you could carry another type of self-defense tool such as a taser, pepper spray or a knife.  Maybe you are a gal who always has to have her lip gloss or lip stick handy along with a tissue.  If you wear sun glasses outdoors but have to change to regular glasses while indoors, your glasses can reside in the spare pocket.  Are you a mom and need a spare pocket to put a toy or pacifier? As you can see, that extra pocket is available for whatever you need and stays hidden and out of sight.  As long as it is small it will fit, no matter the item.  Get the idea?

2 thoughts on “What’s In Your Pocket?

  1. Was so nice to meet you girls at the gun show today. Love the look of your shirts. Hope to get to Reno and try one on one of these days. I do not go there very often and would like to have my weapon of choice with me to try some on.
    Best of luck in your venture. I will tell others about your store and product.

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