About Us

Silver State Apparel designed, created and brought to market a concealed carry shirt for women in 2013. At the inception of the company there were holsters and purses on the market for small compact handguns, but no clothing designed to carry on the body.

The Elegantly Concealed ™ clothing line was designed by women for women. The products are feminine and fashionable with tactical functionality. The concealed carry shirts allow for comfortable pocket carry while wearing a beautiful embellished shirt, so women can carry in comfort and style.

The first production run was manufactured in Dallas Texas with four styles in four colors. The products were made available on the company’s website and at various gun shows and trade shows. There are now 10 styles of shirts available in multiple sizes in a variety of colors. Silver State Apparel is based in Reno Nevada and each shirt is named after a community in Nevada.

In 2016 the Actively Concealed clothing line was launched with the addition of the Reno, an active wear sports tee made of moisture wicking fabric. The Reno Long Sleeve and the Reno Color Block will be added in 2018 as well as a concealed carry vest, the Incline.

Silver State Apparel is committed to helping women exercise their Second Amendment rights. We understand the challenges women face in taking responsibility for their personal protection, and we are committed to providing clothing that meets their needs.