Legal Notice


These warnings and statements should be read prior to the purchase or use of any product or products identified on this website. Firearms can be dangerous and should be handled with care, secured properly and kept out of reach of children.

It is the user’s responsibility to be confident in the use and carrying of a firearm. Adhere to all local, state, federal or site restrictions for firearms. Purchasing this product does not in itself permit the user to conceal carry. Follow all applicable laws. It is the user’s responsibility to be confident the firearm is properly seated in the concealed carry pocket. These concealed carry pockets are not meant for inverted use whether accidental or otherwise.  Do not use these products for any other use than the intended use.

Silver State Apparel will not be held liable or responsible for any accident or injury that may occur while wearing these products to carry a firearm. We encourage strict safety measures be used at all times.